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A Hidden Security System, The Size Of A Button

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Monitor Activity Within Your Home

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Security System Alerts Right To Your Phone

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DIY Home Security

Our POMAlarm security system is an affordable solution for providing complete in-home security.

No installation fees. No monthly fees. No hassle.

Home Alert System

Hidden Security System For Your Home

Know what goes on in your home with our hidden security system. Simply attach the device to a door, window, drawer, or anything that you what to be alerted on when the device is moved.

Home Alarm System Notification

Alarm System Notifications To Your Phone

One of the most convenient benefits of the POMAlarm is its ability to send a message immediately to your phone. You will know immediately when your device is triggered, no matter where you are with a notification from our text alert system.

DIY Home Security Systems

Customizable Home Security

The POMAlarm is designed to be unobtrusive to the home, but has the “under the radar” ability to give the homeowner and parent the peace of mind that they are providing in-home security to rooms that they choose.

Home Security Without Monthly Fees

Our security system does not charge you monthly fees to keep your home protected

Be Aware Of What Goes On In Your Home

Get an immediate text notification when your devices are moved or tampered with

Wireless Security System For Your Home

Our devices are battery operated, allowing you to easily move and hide your alarms