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Prevent Underage Drinking with an Alarm

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Remote Security on your Medicine Cabinet

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Protect Your Valuables Remotely

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Motion Sensor Alarms for Windows

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Motion Sensor Alarm for Doors

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The POMAlarm is designed to protect your small valuables like jewelry, heirlooms, or spare cash that are out of sight and are likely not to be discovered missing immediately. It can also help you know if someone has moved a liquor bottle or pill container while you’re out of your home.

When an item monitored by a POMAlarm is moved, the device will light up. It will then wirelessly send a message recording the device, date, and time of the movement to you via email or text in real time. This allows you peace of mind knowing your valuables are protected while your out of town, having work done within your home, or your children invite over new friends.

Inexpensive home security

No monthly service fees to protect items within your home

Protect your valuables remotely

Get an immediate text notification when your valuables are moved and you're not at home

Alarm for liquor bottles

Reduce underage drinking by knowing if your teenager is sneaking into your liquor