Home security systems can be complicated, cost a fortune, and be an expensive investment when it comes to your time and money. We developed a home security system that eliminates all of those factors, so that your home can be protected, without the other hassles that come with typical security systems. With our easy to install home security devices, you can start protecting your home the same day that your system arrives. No hired installers necessary.

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The POMAlarm DIY Home Security Systems

The primary focus of a home security system is to keep your home protected at all times, without flaw. You need something reliable, easy to use, and ultimately effective. If you are tired of the extraneous process it takes to purchase, install, and set up home security systems, so were we.

Unlike most DIY home security systems, our set up is easy, intuitive, and smart. You only need 2 components to install our DIY home security system:

  • POM Hub
  • POM Puck(s)

The POM Hub connects directly to your Wifi and the POM Pucks connect directly to the POM Hub. This technology allows you to activate multiple POM Pucks to a single hub, saving you time and allow you to expand security coverage to protect more of your house.

Our POM Pucks are also portable, which provides you with the flexibility to move the devices around within your home. No permanent installations mean more control in areas of your home that you want to protect or focus security on.

DIY Wireless Home Security Systems

The home security system that POMAlarm provides is unmatched to the competition and relieves the stress of keeping your valuables protected. With whole home security, you can feel at ease knowing your home is being monitored with 24/7 surveillance.

Wireless home security systems provide you with the flexibility to customize how you want your home protected. Our DIT home security system is mobile, portable, and can be moved throughout your home, offering you ultimate protection without needing to purchase expensive home security equipment.

The wireless technology that comes with our home security system is built for the homeowners who want home security without expensive costs.

DIY Home Security System With No Monthly Fee

Ongoing, reoccuring, and monthly fees won’t be found with our POMAlarm system. One of the goals of creating our DIY home security system was to make it affordable so that we could get the POMAlarm into as many homes as possible. Along with our low price point, we wanted to create a DIY security system with no monthly fee attached, providing families with state-of-the-art security at an affordable price.

Most home security systems and home security companies will require you to lock into a contract for their services over an extended period of time. In this contract, you will typically find installation, setup, and monthly fees in order to receive the security you are looking for. The POMAlarm frees you of the burden of high costs, while also offering better in-home security.

Do It Yourself Home Security With POMAlarm