POMAlarm’s DIY home security systems eliminate the fees and high costs that are typically associated with security systems. Our easy-to-use devices make home security affordable, offering protection to as many homes across the country as possible.

No Fees. No High Costs. No Contracts.

Not only does POMAlarm provide an affordable option for home security that doesn’t require ongoing fees, but our system is easy to install. The POMAlarm is a DIY home security system made for homeowners seeking a way to protect their home, without the hassle (or fees) associated with installation.

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Home Security Without Installation

Setting up your POMAlarm home security system is simple, yet powerful. The best part is, installation is instantaneous and free! To set up our DIY home security system, all you need is what we send you when you order the POMAlarm.

Say goodbye to unwanted installers coming into your home, the need to use power tools to install cameras, and extensive hours dedicated to protecting your home.

Do It Yourself Home Security

The technology that we built the POMAlarm around is designed to provide real-time alerts right to your phone, letting you know that your device has been triggered. The POMAlarm offers seamless integration from any threat in your home, right to an alert on your phone. Keeping your home safe doesn’t need to be a hassle, expensive, or time-consuming.

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DIY Home Security Features

The POMAlarm DIY home security system offers a variety of different security features to ensure that your home is properly monitored while you are away. Because of the flexibility of the POMAlarm security system, the uses for the security device is unlimited.

Some common uses of our DIY home security system:

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