DIY home security tips to protect your Raleigh homeWhen you think of options to protect your house and secure your valuables, you probably think of complex security systems that are both expensive and difficult to install, or that you can’t even have if you rent your home. If you’re about to go on vacation, you just hired a cleaning service or babysitter who will be in your home, or you’ve had a string of break-ins in your neighborhood, you need to take action fast without worrying about cost or delays!

If you don’t want to wait on home security, or you want something you can implement even if you’re renting, we’re here to help. We are sharing some effective DIY home security tips you can do right now to give you peace of mind that your home is safe.

Improve Your Home’s Visibility

Overgrown bushes in front of windows, trees in front of porches, and architectural elements that block visibility all appeal to burglars because it means they can get in and out of your home without being seen. Make sure your home’s exterior, especially windows and doors are visible from the road by trimming back bushes and trees and removing anything that can provide coverage for someone if they are trying to enter your home.

Upgrade to Smart Light Bulbs 

Again, burglars are looking for the path of least resistance, so if they think you’re home, they’ll go somewhere else. Smart bulbs mean you can turn your lights on and off when you won’t be home until after dark. You can also set a timer to put your smart bulbs on a set schedule, which is good if you work evenings.

Lock Away Tools and Ladders

If you’re at home, this is a DIY home security step you can take the moment you finish this article! Make sure tools, like crowbars or hammers, ladders, and other items are put away, either in your garage, or in a locked shed. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a surprising amount of people will leave tools accessible, and thieves see this as an opportunity and will take it. 

Update Your Door Locks

Over 55 percent of all burglars enter a home through the front or back doors, either by breaking a lock, kicking it in, finding a key, or simply walking through an unlocked door. First, always make sure your door is locked. If you have difficulty remembering to lock your door or have people entering your home, such as a dog walker,  switch to a smart lock. Instead of giving out a key or hiding it near the door, you can control who can enter your home when you’re not there simply by unlocking and re-locking your door from your phone.   

You can also reinforce your door by installing a deadbolt lock or installing a stronger strike plate that prevents a burglar from kicking in the door. For sliding doors, simply placing a wooden dowel or metal rod in the door to prevent it from being forced open is an effective deterrent. 

Update Your Window Locks

While a majority of thieves enter through a door, another 23 percent enter through a window, either because it’s not locked or it’s easy to force open. Consider installing window stops to deter thieves. This is a simple DIY security measure you can take to add and prevent a window from being opened past a certain point. This is also good for childproofing your home!

Consider a Video Doorbell

A smart lock makes it possible to control who comes into your home, but a video doorbell lets you know when there is someone at your door or on your porch. If you order packages a lot that get delivered during the day, this is a good way to keep an eye on things. 

Order a POMAlarm

Most of our DIY home security tips are geared toward preventing burglary. However, theft can also come from babysitters, repair technicians, even family members. Even if you take all the precautions against burglary, anyone who has access to your home while you are not there means your valuables are vulnerable to theft.  

That’s why we recommend motion sensors, like POMAlarms. This offers home security without monthly fees. You can attach a sensor to anyplace you keep valuables or items prone to theft – like a jewelry box, drawer where you keep emergency money, or even your medicine cabinet or liquor cabinet. You can also attach them to your doors and windows.

When the sensor is moved, your wireless security system will send you notification sent to your phone and email address, alerting you that the sensor has been triggered. This gives you the opportunity to determine if your possessions are missing, know what happened to them, and increase the chance of recovering your property!

Protect Your Home with POMAlarm Motion Sensors

POMAlarm home sensors are affordable, easy to set up, and highly effective. Whether you rent and want a way to protect your home without compromising the structure or you want to protect valuables, money, and medications from people coming into your home our sensors are an ideal solution. Order yours today, or to learn more about them, call us at 919-354-1001!