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Protect your home, business, valuables, and most importantly your family with the innovative and State of Art POMAlarm. Our hidden motion sensors provide your house or business with the security of knowing that when a door is opened, you are instantly alerted. The home security system that POMAlarm provides is unmatched to the competition and relieves the stress of keeping your valuables protected.


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Motion Sensor Alarm for Doors

When a door is opened, you get alerted. The security devices that come with your POMAlarm home security system are small, enabling them to be discrete and unseen by possibly intruders. The alarm will silently send an alert to your phone, notifying you of which door has been opened with a timestamp to capture the moment the device has been triggered.

The POMAlarm security system works for both homes and businesses, offering complete protection of rooms that you don’t want to be accessed. The security devices can be easily transferred from door-to-door, making them reusable throughout the space that you want to be monitored. You can also have multiple devices within the same area, securing more than one door!

Door Alarms for Your Home

Monitor all activities that occur in your house with the POMAlarm pucks placed on any door. Our home security system can protect areas of your home that you do not want to be accessed, even when you are away. Protect multiple rooms in your home with our devices and always be in the know of what is occurring in your house.

Some common uses for the POMAlarm devices in your home are:

  • Door alarm for the master bedroom
  • Front door alarm
  • Alarm for your pet’s door
  • Sliding door alarm
  • Baby gate alarm
  • Mailbox alarm

Door Alarms for Your Business

Protect your business with our hidden security system. Simply place the devices on any door that you want to monitor and receive instant alerts when that door is opened. Our wireless technology will allow you to place multiple devices on multiple doors throughout your business, offering you full protection, even while you are away.

Some common uses for the POMAlarm devices in your business are:

  • Office door alarm
  • Storefront main door alarm
  • Employees only door alarm
  • Door alarm for the supplies room
  • Alarms for all building entrances

Protect Your Home or Business With Door Alarms

Alarms placed on doors in your home or business can always keep you updated on the activity that is occurring. The POMAlarm security system makes it easy to provide hidden security that no one will know is there. Order yours today and see how POMAlarm can make the difference in keeping your home or business safe.

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