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Features of Our Home Security Systems

Easy Detection, Protection and Notification

Home Security System 2 PackOur POMAlarm home security devices make it easier than ever to monitor movement of items within your home. Setup is quick and easy, and in just a few minutes, you can have around the clock surveillance of the key points in your home. Simply hang or place the detector next to the item you want to monitor.

When an item monitored by a POMAlarm is moved, the device will light up and then send a message detailing the device, date, and time of the movement to you via email or text in real time. With POMAlarm, you can easily protect all of the following:

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Door Security

security alarm for door

As the primary point of entry, POMAlarm can monitor any door in your house, so you know in real-time who goes in and out. You’ll never have to worry about unusual activity going undetected.

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Window Security

Window Alarm

Often overlooked, windows are a primary target in home invasions and forced entries. With POMAlarm, you can count on around the clock surveillance and notifications anytime we detect suspicious activity.

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DIY Home Security System

Don’t overspend on a home security system. The POMAlarm DIY home security system can offer complete in-home security for your home, without the need for installation, service fees, or monthly costs.

DIY Home Security Without Fees

The POMAlarm is a DIY home security system without monthly fees, saving you money and offering protection at the fraction of a cost of the competition. Learn more about why our DIY home security system has no monthly fees.

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Secure Your Valuables

Keep an eye on your valuable items, even when you’re not home. It is common that items are stolen by the people that your trust with your home such as babysitters, housesitters and housekeepers. Take the extra step to protect your valuables.

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Hazardous Items

Nothing is more important than ensuring your children’s safety. Part of this involves keeping dangerous items out of their hands. With POMAlarm, you can find out every time someone accesses one of the following:

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