Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in Raleigh. With easy access to a medicine cabinet, drugs are falling into the wrong hands. Without needing to lock up your prescription drugs after each time you need to access them, POMAlarm makes it easy to monitor who is accessing the drugs and when they are being used. Our hidden home security system allows you to monitor the use of prescription drug cabinets behind the scenes, without anyone knowing.


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Medicine Cabinet Alarm Sensors

Theft from a medicine cabinet is a common problem within households. Having the prescribed medicine available without any security could allow the medicine to end up in the wrong hands. Attaching a POMAlarm motion sensor to the medicine cabinet door will alert you each time that it has been accessed, including a timestamp indicating the exact moment that the alarm was triggered.

Common uses for our medicine cabinet sensors are:

  • Babysitters
  • Housesitters
  • Children
  • Previous Prescription Drug Abusers
  • Spouse

Keep Prescription Drugs Safe

With prescription drug abuse on the rise in North Carolina, medication theft is also increasing. However, if you don’t know when someone’s been in your medicine, you may not be aware that any is missing until you run out days or weeks before it’s time for a refill. That’s why having a POMAlarm placed where you keep your medicine in your Raleigh home is necessary!

Our POMAlarm Detector is small, lightweight, and easy to put into your medicine cabinet or a drawer. When the item the Detector is attached to is moved, you’ll receive immediate notifications via text or email that lets you know your medication has been moved. This gives you the opportunity to contact the person within your home if it’s a babysitter, housesitter, or work crew to determine what is happening.

Protect Your Home With Medicine Cabinet Alarms

Alarms placed in medicine cabinets in your home can always keep you updated on the activity that is occurring within your house. The POMAlarm security system makes it easy to provide hidden security that no one will know is there. Order yours today and see how POMAlarm can make the difference in keeping your home protected.

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