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Preventing Theft by a Housesitter

Risks of Hiring a Housesitter in Raleigh

Would you entrust a stranger to watch over your home and possessions while you’re away? Or do you ever rely on a friend or relative to watch over your house while you go out of town? Sometimes, Raleigh homeowners want their homes occupied as a security measure, preventing burglaries or vandalism from occurring, especially if they go away for extended periods of time for work obligations or extended vacations. But whether you’re gone for a few days or several weeks or months, having a housesitter comes with a potential risk of theft.  Even if you’ve hired someone who has been vetted through a professional housesitting website, there’s no way of knowing if that person is trustworthy to not steal your belongings and valuables.

Those may not be your only concerns about hiring a housesitter. A common concern for Raleigh homeowners is the housesitter straying from the House Sitting Agreement by having unknown guests in the home, posting the location of the property on social media, or not locking the doors when they leave your home for local excursions. These are all valid concerns which can threaten your peace of mind when trying to enjoy a worry-free vacation.


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Commonly Stolen Items from Raleigh Homes

  • Jewelry or Watches
  • Purses, Wallets, or Passports
  • Prescription Medication
  • Personal or Financial Documents
  • Liquor and Alcoholic Beverages
  • Free-Standing Locking Storage Cabinets
  • Assorted Money Stash Boxes
  • Heirlooms and Antiquities
  • Computer or Computer Equipment
  • Electrical Goods or Cameras
  • Mobile Phones and Accessories
  • Guns and Weapons
  • Designer Clothing, Handbags or Briefcases

Find Professional Housesitters in Raleigh

Taking precautions to hire a trustworthy and professional housesitter is well worth your time and effort, especially if you want peace of mind while you’re away from home. If the housesitter has solid references, provides a background check, and holds a current driver’s license, then those are good signs, but this is not the time to only trust your instincts, but also do your due diligence. Potential Raleigh sitters can be found on several housesitting websites that registers homeowners and housesitters, some which are free and some which charge a yearly membership fee for access to all listings. To explore this option further, read this article Which is the Best House Sitting Website?

What Should You Do When Your Stuff Goes Missing?

Unfortunately, there may be instances when you’ve been a victim of theft no matter how thoroughly you vetted the housesitter. This can be a very disturbing and unsettling experience, not to mention expensive to replace your possessions.

Here’s what to do if your items are missing or stolen from your home:

  • Immediately call the police
  • Report that you’ve been robbed
    • A police report is needed for home insurance and credit card companies
    • Write down the case number of the police report
    • Request a copy of the entire police report
  • Download and complete claim forms from your home insurer
  • Collect evidence of stolen items (if possible) such as receipts, invoices, bank and card statements, and photos

Hidden Home Security System in Raleigh

When having someone stay at your home, feel confident that your possessions are safe with a POMAlarm. The lightweight detector, which is as big around as a half dollar coin, can easily tuck into places where your visitors can’t see. It’s small enough to fit into a jewelry box, hide under a wallet, or tuck into a designer handbag. If movement is detected nearby – such as the opening of a dresser drawer – you’ll receive a text or email immediately. This notification allows you to get in contact with your  housesitter, deterring them from pocketing your items, or you could contact a friend who could check in person.

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