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Different Ways You Can Use Your POMAlarm

POMAlarms are effective methods to protect your valuables and belongings in your Raleigh home. Below are some of the most frequently used methods.


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Get an Instant Alert when Your Liquor Cabinet is Opened

Secure a Desk Drawer and Filing Cabinets in Your Raleigh Home

Most people keep copies of their tax returns, business files, passports, and other necessary documents in safekeeping in a desk drawer or a filing cabinet within your Raleigh home. While you may not think someone would want to go through your important documents, many people, including babysitters, workers such as repairmen or housekeepers, or even your kids’ friends may look for ways to steal your identity or look for hidden cash.

How would you ever know that someone is snooping in your files? With the POMAlarm, you would get an instant alert. Simply stick one of our detectors inside a drawer or on the lid of a lockbox and as soon as anything is moved, you’ll know immediately.

Keep Your Prescription Medicine Safe

With prescription medication abuse and addiction so prevalent in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina, medication theft is on the rise. If someone is in your home, they may go through your medicine cabinet or bedside table looking for your prescriptions, and without POMAlert, you may not know unless you run out too early.

Secure a Drawer with Money or Other Valuables

If you leave some extra petty cash in your dresser drawer or in your desk in your office, odds are you don’t really know how much is there,  you just keep it for emergencies and convenience. But that also means you won’t know if someone has taken a $20 bill from your stash unless you have a POMAlarm attached to the inside of the drawer.

Your POMAlarm will notify you immediately if that drawer gets opened, and will trigger a light to scare that unsuspecting person away.

Get Alerted If Someone Accesses Firearms In Your Raleigh Home

Whether you keep your firearms locked in a gun safe or secured in a firearm drawer. Have peace of mind with an alert from POMAlarm.

Secure Your Jewelry Box

If you only wear your favorite earrings or antique necklace on special occasions, you may not know for months if it’s been stolen. By that point, it would be almost impossible to reclaim or recover. By putting a POMAlarm inside your jewelry box, you will be notified immediately if someone has moved it, allowing you to contact whomever is in your home or send a friend or even the police to investigate.

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