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Under the Radar Monitoring for Your Raleigh Home

Knowing there’s someone in your home you don’t completely trust is nerve-wracking – whether it’s your teenager’s friends, a babysitter, or a dog walker. How do you know your possessions are safe and won’t end up missing?

The POMAlarm gives you the peace of mind you need to know your valuables are safe, even when you’re away from your Raleigh home. You can simply place the small device next to or on an item that you are concerned about, and if it’s moved, you’ll get an immediate email or text notification.  This under the radar monitoring style is designed to be subtle enough that it’s not noticeable, while still being highly effective. Using the POMAlarm under the radar monitoring has many advantages over more obvious monitoring systems.


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POMAlarm Saves You Money

Unlike large, whole home security systems, POMAlarms does not require any third-party monitoring or have any fees with a third-party. Instead, with POMAlarm, you only have to purchase the device itself which comes with everything you need to secure your valuables. There are no hidden costs and no added fees.

Hidden and Subtle Security In Your Raleigh Home

Remote Alarm Monitoring Sensor SystemThe subtlety of under the radar monitoring is its greatest advantage. If someone is going to steal something from your home, whether it’s your teenager stealing from your liquor cabinet or a new acquaintance taking a nice piece of jewelry, large video cameras or alarm systems will be apparent to them. It will either deter them from taking anything, or they will find a way to steal without being visible on camera. If the thief is unaware of the monitoring system, it is impossible for them to work around it and you’ll know immediately when someone is messing with your valuables within your Raleigh home.

Security For Small Things

The POMAlarm is perfect for use with small items that you may not discover are gone for weeks or months after the incident.  A delayed realization makes it significantly more difficult to figure out who took your valuable item and where it might be. A POMAlarm can be used to protect your jewelry, hidden cash, and even your medicine cabinet. If the items are moved, you will be alerted immediately, instead of making this discovery days later when you go to put on your favorite earrings or need extra cash.

Instant Alerts When You Are Away

One of the most convenient benefits of the POMAlarm is its ability to send a message immediately to your phone. You will know right away if someone has moved your items, no matter where you are. Even though the POMAlarm does not directly prevent theft, when someone is tampering with your belongings you have the opportunity to deter them by contacting them or reclaiming them.

Modern Raleigh Home Monitoring System

The POMAlarm is the ideal under the radar monitoring system if you are concerned that someone will steal one of your valuables, or is using your things while you are out. Under the radar monitoring gives you a reliable, subtle way to keep track of items in your home while you are away.

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