Technology is advancing by the day, so why can’t security systems do the same? Most home security systems can get outdated quickly, difficult to use and can even often push owners to stop using it. We kept this in mind when we designed the POMAlarm home security system. Because our alarms use WiFi technology then always stay up-t0-date and don’t rely on third party software or services to stay activated.

Best Smart Home Security System

raleigh wireless securityYou purchase a home security system for one purpose, to protect your home. Don’t jeopardize your home’s security by choosing a security system that doesn’t keep up with the rest of the technology in your home. Our smart home security system utilizes tomorrow’s programming to work in any home, despite limitations. By keeping things simple, our minimalistic approach toward smart home security uses an already existing service in your home, your WiFi.

The best smart home security system is the simplest one. Once you plug in your POM Hub, it will automatically detect your WiFi for an easy connect and set up process. The POM Pucks will then connect directly to the POM Hub, keeping the setup as a do it yourself. This keeps your expenses down, and the smart security system up and running in minutes.


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Raleigh Home Security, Made Smart

Customized home security is smart home security. Typically, home security systems require some hardware installation that, once in place, can’t be adjusted without another expense. Not the POMAlarm. We designed our alarm system to be 100% portable within the home. We wanted to bring the power back to the homeowner, not limit it.

The POM Pucks can be placed in any place in the home and moved freely whenever you want to adjust your focus of security. Gone for the weekend and want to be alerted when the door opens? No problem. Want that same device to then protect your bedroom window when you come back home? Easy. The power is in your hands to be able to do what you want with your smart security system.

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POMAlarm provides complete home protection with our state-of-the-art hidden home security devices. If you want to know what is going on in your home, order your POMAlarm today.

Smart Home Security with POMAlarm