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POMAlarm is the best WiFi security system for complete in-home protection. Our DIY home security system allows you to simply connect the POMHub directly with your WiFi, seamlessly integrating with the internet that you already have. This means that you pay no additional ongoing fees or setup fees, plus, your rate will never go up (because there is none).


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WiFi Home Security System

Best Home Security SystemWith home security technology advancing year after year, our WiFi home security system is built to stand the test of time. There are many benefits of having a security system that integrates with your WiFi, here are just a few:

  • No recurring monthly fees
  • POMAlarm Security system will auto-connect to your WiFi for easy install
  • POMAlarm runs on low-power, not affecting bandwidth
  • Easy process for adding more devices to your POMHub

We designed our WiFi security system to be accessible for any homeowner, despite their knowledge of technology, installation, or experience working with past home security options. The POMAlarm security system requires minimal effort for maximum results, taking away the stress and cost of installing a home security system but providing the relief in knowing that your home is protected.

The Best WiFi Security System

Monitor all activities that occur in your house with the POMAlarm home security system. Because our security devices connect directly with your WiFi, you can protect all areas of your home and move the devices freely to different rooms, doors, and windows.

Some common uses for the POMAlarm devices in your home are:

The uses for the POMAlarm are endless and have no limitations on where they can be placed within your home. This type of custom home security provides our customers with complete control over how they want to customize the protection of their home. Don’t limit your home security by installing permanent security cameras in your home, instead, place our security alarms in discrete spots in your home for maximum security coverage.

Smart Home Security

raleigh wireless home securityNot only does our home security system connect to your existing WiFi, but you also receive real-time email and text alerts when one of your POM Pucks are triggered. This allows you to be in-the-know of what is occurring in your home, at the exact time it happens.

Our smart home security system is a simple solution for a big problem many homeowners face when trying to determine the best security system for their homes. We developed our alarms with the homeowner in mind, making them discrete and hidden in the home so an intruder won’t even know the alarms are there. When a sensor gets triggered, the alarm will send a silent signal right to your phone, allowing you to make a decision without the intruder knowing that an alarm has been triggered.

Protect Your Home With A WiFi Security System

The POMAlarm home security system provides you with complete, in-home security. Our seamless integration with WiFi allows you to connect the security system directly with the WiFi that you are already paying for, eliminating addition ongoing fees. Order your WiFi home security kit today and start protecting your home how you want to.

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