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At POMAlarm, we think window alarms are the ideal way to secure your home without a high-tech security system. We designed our detectors with security, simplicity, and affordability in mind. Secure your home and windows with POMAlarm window sensors. With remote home monitoring, our small, discrete sensors protect your family, your valuables, and your peace of mind, no matter where you are.


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Motion Sensor Alarms for Windows

Protecting your home from intruders or unwanted guests may seem challenging. With so many windows in your house, how do you secure them all? The POMAlarm home security system provides full in-home protection to your windows. The discrete window motion sensors send an alert directly to your phone the second that the window is altered.

Our motion sensor alarms can easily be moved from window to window so that your entire house can feel safe and secure. If you want enhanced security to a specific room in the house, simply move the device to windows in that room.

Hidden Home Security System

Most home sensors make a sound or vibrate when set off, which alerts the burglar to the security system. This causes the perpetrator to flee, greatly reducing the chances of your burglary being solved. According to the FBI, only about 1 in 10 home burglaries are solved in the US each year. POMAlarm is different. Our home sensors only light up when activated. They remain completely silent, keeping the burglar unaware that an alarm has been set off and increasing the chances they’ll still be on the premises when the authorities arrive.

This feature can also be utilized for monitoring windows being opened from within the house. The silent alerts that our POMAlarm sensors have can prevent members of your household from sneaking out of a window without you being notified.

More benefits of POMAlarm Window Alarms:

  • You’ll receive a text or email when the sensor is disrupted, alerting you when something has occurred. This allows you to call the police immediately, no matter where you are.
  • Each alert message includes the location of the device that was disturbed, the date, and time of movement, which enables you to give the authorities detailed information, even if you’re not home.
  • Set “Quiet Times” for your home sensors so you don’t receive alerts when you don’t want or need them (like when you’re at home and open the windows for fresh air!)
  • Our window sensors are small, approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and .5 inch thick, making them easy to affix to any window (adhesive is included with each sensor).
  • You’ll get real-time monitoring and notifications without a monthly fee.
  • Multiple phone numbers and email addresses can be programmed to your alarms so that each member of your family can be alerted when something happens.
  • Each of our home sensors is powered by a single 2032 coin cell battery, which has a long charge and is easy to replace. One battery is included with each POMAlarm home security sensor.

Protect Your Home With Window Alarms

Alarms placed on windows in your home can always keep you updated on the activity that is occurring within your house. The POMAlarm security system makes it easy to provide hidden security that no one will know is there. Order yours today and see how POMAlarm can make the difference in keeping your home protected.

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